The Antisocial Bookshelf Application

Tired of all book-related social networks caring more about your friends than your books? We focus on what really matters for readers: your reading habits, your favorite books and how many times you’ve read each of your tomes.


Take your reading to the next level


Keep track of your reading habits

Our powerful charts and statistical reports will let you know in the blink of an eye how many pages you’ve read in the last month. Last year. Last decade. The sky is the limit for your reading appetite.


Add a book in 10 seconds

Using bookqueue's Amazon integration enables you to add a book to your queue in less than 10 seconds. Saving time with that gives you more time for what's really important: reading.


Level up your reading skills

If for you reading for fun is pointless, maybe it’s time to spice things up with a bit of game mechanics. Each book finished in bookqueue is another step to level up your inner bookworm.


Your books, your ratings

After finishing a book, you can rate it using stars. You can later filter your bookshelf by rating to list the best (or worse) books you’ve ever read.


Review your books to the world

Why just consume content? Share your impressions about each book with the world, publishing your own reviews in your bookqueue.


Feeling lonely?

Bookqueue is all about books, but sometimes we want to show our friends what we have been up to. Using the booklog, you can share what you read with your friends.